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vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

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Ravenscroft Canadian Vacation Cottage Rentals in Ontario Canada· 19 Jumping Caribou Rd · Temagami Ontario P0H 2H0 · 705-569-3865 
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vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada
vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada
Ontario vacation cottage rentals in ontario canadavacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

Temagami Wilderness Expeditions

Experience your Temagami Wilderness Expedition this summer by exploring the vast and magnificent Temagami Wilderness through the the numerous interconnected canoe waterways which makes Temagami a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts of any age. Whether your with family, friends or solo the level of anticipation and excitement never fades from the moment you set your canoe in the water till you arrive at one of the countless remote overnight campsites of your choice along the way . Archie Belaney( Grey Owl) chose the Temagami wilderness as his school to learn the ways of the natives of the area, the home of the Teme-Augama Anishnaba (People of the deep water). Les Stroud of the television show " Survivorman " spent a summer traveling through the majestic and pristine wilderness along canoe routes and portages of the early fur traders as well as filming a show spending 7 days stranded in the Temagami wilderness in the winter . With over 24 river systems of crystal clear water in excess of 4,800km (3,200m) of canoe routes where every water condition exists to suit all desires and capabilities with portages that loop around for easy travel with numerous clearly marked campsites scattered along the way. You will most definitely want to bring along a camera to photograph the endless cloak of pine and hard wood forests, soaring granite cliffs, ancient native pictographs that have weathered hundreds of years while the native legends and folklore have been traced back to 5,000 years ago. There is an unlimited variety of flora and fauna ranging from the majestic moose to the industrious beaver which are often sited for our viewing pleasure as well as plenty of opportunities to stop for Wildlife observation and Birdwatching along the hundreds of miles of trail systems and bush roads through Temagami's world renowned 400 yr. old growth Pine forests that interconnect this entire area to make it the inspiration for many professional and amateur artist and photographers.

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

Temagami Ontario

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada
E-Mail                                705-569-3865


Temagami Wilderness Expeditions

Come and join us for an enjoyable and memorable experience. We take pride in offering a variety of wilderness trip options. Whether by yourself, with family or a friend, you will travel with our experienced and personable guides, enjoy appetizing and nourishing meals and become immersed in the magnificent surroundings. Our guide will be happy to provide you with necessary instruction and useful tips as well as their knowledge of the area and it's history. To have minimum impact on the environment, we allow a maximum of 10 participants. All you need bring is a sleeping bag, clothing and personal items as per recommended list provided.


Specializing in outfitting wilderness adventures, we have a full range of top quality, time tested equipment. We stock a wide variety of specialty tripping foods and can provide experienced and personable guides. Whether you wish to participate in a wilderness adventure or merely relax and enjoy the beauty and solitude, there are many themes to stimulate your interest:


Whether you wish a challenging adventure or merely to find a favorite campsite and relax, you have the following options: BY CANOE - The area offers the finest canoeing in North America. Every type of water condition exists to suit all desires and capabilities. Portages and campsites are well marked. BACKPACKING AND HIKING - Hundreds of miles of bush roads and trails provide excellent opportunities for travel into remote areas by foot or mountain bike where you can enjoy the splendor and solitude of the environment. DOG SLEDDING - Our remote Winter trails allow you to travel behind a team of sled dogs from one captivating scene of beauty and serenity to another. Weekend and 5 weekday packages allow for overnight wilderness stays in our heated prospector tent. SNOWSHOEING AND CROSS COUNTRY SKIING - You can travel at your own pace with stops and overnight stays at desired locations, or return to the cottage WE PRACTICE NO TRACE CAMPING.


Whether alone, with family or friends or a group, and regardless if your stay is for a weekend, a week or longer, our mission is to make your experience in Temagami enjoyable, fulfilling and memorable. We offer the following: Canoe rentals - Wilderness outfitting Accommodation - Guided canoe adventures- Overnight camping- Remote lake fishing- Interpretive trail hikes-Wildlife observation on Nipissing Game Preserve.


While travelling in remote areas, chances of a catching a trophy fish in these remote lakes that rarely see any anglers are excellent with a variety of game fish to aim for.



It truly is a magnificent, moving experience to be in the Temagami wilderness on the ground with such an abundance of wildlife, to be immersed in their world, as neither friend nor foe... just as a part of their landscape.... to feel not fear for these extraordinary animals, but an ultimate respect and a greater appreciation for the animals we had the privilege to observe.
Peter and Mary Huckaluck Sudbury Ontario

It is not very often that a vacation or event in a person’s life meets or lives up to their expectations. Our trip to Temagami not only met, but surpassed our expectations by far. Everything you promised about the landscapes, wildlife & fishing were true.
John and Susan Thornhill Toronto

Camping out night after night in these remote areas is a fantastic way to experience the pristine beauty of Temagami and the peace and solitude of the wilderness. The guided walks each day that were provided by our guide were educational and fun. We learned about the native wildflowers, trees, birds and history of the Temagami area was very rewarding to my family.
Rick, Stephanie, Rick Jr. and Stacey New Liskeard Ontario

Incredible natural beauty everywhere we looked, magnificent sunsets, wonderful opportunities to observe the Bears, Eagles, Beavers and Moose. Our time in Temagami was one of the happiest times in our lives. One thing we know for sure--we'll be back
Jack and Joanne Knowles Bowmanville Ontario

No Crowds, no noise, no one to be seen except our camp mates, no telephones or televisions, just Peace & Quiet and never ending periods of complete relaxation. This was an experience of a lifetime.
A.J. Sapielack Toronto Ontario

Temagami moose

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada

A great Canadian family fishing vacation on the shores of Angus Lake in Temagami Ontario Canada.

vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada
Vacation Cottage Rentals vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada
vacation cottage rentals in ontario canadaOntario Canada vacation cottage rentals in ontario canada
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